May 26, 2019

Once again, from the top!

A quick first post to say hi, how I'm doing and introduce my new blog!

This is a new beginning. A place for me to document my life. I used to have a blog many times in the past, but I wanted to do it again now that I finally have the ability to do so. Also, going through some past memories that I have documented, I figured it would be a good idea to do so again. So without further ado, here's my first post:

First post, first picture!

I haven't been up to too much lately, just trying to save up to move out of our place in a suburb of Seattle we've been living in way too long (about 2 years at this point). My fiancé and I are making headway financially. It feels so good after all this time to finally be making some form of living and moving forward in life again after stumbling through some hurdles professionally. Still a long way to go though! That's going to be the end of this post, short and sweet. I'll have to post more when I have more on my mind. Until then, see ya on the flip side!