June 29, 2019

Random Futzery with Windows (Hoorah)!

Random Futzery with Windows (Hoorah)!

So today I decided to go down the rabbit hole and see just what in the heck was causing hard locks on my new PC. I started with looking at some overclocks, no dice. Then I noticed that when one particular app ran, that caused the problem. Tried not running it. Nope. Tried another, nope. Then the next application I thought was the problem was XShell. Definitely ridiculous, I thought. XShell by the way, is an amazing SSH Client for Windows if you need one, and I highly recommend it. I switched from Putty about a year ago and now when I use putty, I find it's a pain. :-)

Moving on, digging into Windows Event Viewer and some other tool, this was the best info I could find:

Super helpful as always, Microsoft.

Then, looking at the 'View reliability history' app in Windows, I found this:

Well, this certainly tells me it's not related to the installation... (New OS install on 6/16)

Then I realized. I could look back in my Discord history to see when I started talking about hard locks. Approximately April 20 was my first hard lock. Ok, there's a central point to start with. Looked up slightly before that to see... end of March I'd been talking about doing a 5 monitor output, and had to use my Integrated GPU (Intel) to get that 5th monitor. Ok, great! Plus seeing some hints from searching the whole error on Google was it could be related to Intel drivers. Eureka!

Checked in Device Manager, and nothing of course. No new drivers since 2017. Sure. Look at Intel's site for drivers and BAM:

That makes more sense. GG, Windows Driver update search.

Updated drivers for it, and now let's see if it resolves the issue!